What we can do for you

Employing the varied principles for laser cutting and engraving opens a world of possibilities, across a diverse range of substrates, from very delicate materials to titanium.

We are not all about lasers, we have other facilities including machine engraving and sandblasting.

Transform your idea into reality.  Let's get together and make it happen. We have the experience to assist you with artwork and designing of that special item.

Take advantage of our in-house and outsourcing capabilities for materials and services. Add the wide range of cutting, engraving and workshop facilities for assembly. Make a unique item quickly and effortlessly. 

CaneJane is here to spark your creative ideas into life. Using our state of the art laser cutting and engraving facilities, let your mind explore the endless design possibilities with us.

CaneJane is a sister company of The Engraving Crew. If you have enquires of a industrial or production nature please follow the link below.