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We understand your need for highly personalised and expressive memorials for your loved ones, so let us help you in creating a unique and wonderful memory. With over 15 years of experience in the laser engraving industry, we have the skills, precision and quality to give you the peace of mind With the capability to do photo-images, texts and graphics engraved on almost any material and porcelain portraits, you can create a meaningful lasting memorial.
Memories in jewellery

Not only can we do necklaces, we have
the facilities to engrave rings and other
types of jewellery

Plaques for inside & outside

Machine engraved brass plaque
Here are some more examples 

Memories of all your loved ones
UV stable Porcelain ceramics

Here is another example, also showing
our digital restoration services

Red clay pavers
Create a special memory of those you love

Photo and glass engraving