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New Sandblaster

posted 10 May 2015, 23:12 by Artwork TEC   [ updated 10 May 2015, 23:13 ]

Here at CaneJane we like to have a wide variety of machines to suit as many applications as possible. To help the business grow in skills and abilities we have recently acquired a new sandblaster!

This means we can etch into a lot more complex shapes and materials and for items like crystal glasses we can get crisper, finer detail in our work.

We are excited to have the new machine to play with and bring you an even wider range of services.

Here is the new machine, all ready to go!

A look inside the spray chamber.

WOMADelaide 2015

posted 3 Dec 2014, 22:58 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 May 2015, 21:22 by Artwork TEC ]

You may have seen this wonderful poster around at the moment that was designed by the talented Orbit Design Group, for the 2015 Womad festival.

I would like to draw your attention to the fantastic logo that adorns the centre of the poster.
Constructed and designed by the Orbit Design Group, this complex and interesting object is actually all done with laser cutting.

We were more than excited to work on this project with Orbit Design and they have done a great job at utilising our laser cutting services to produce this.

So after you finish admiring the great work go check out what will be going on at the WOMADelaide festival

It's beginning to look a lot like...

posted 2 Dec 2014, 21:40 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 May 2015, 21:23 by Artwork TEC ]'re running out of time for festive gifts! 

Why not consider one of these personalised gifts from CaneJane

Personalised Christmas Hearts

Something special for that Someone Special?

Personalised Christmas Hearts

Engraved with one name $17.50


Just $7.50 with any engraving purchase over $27.50

All prices GST Inclusive

Perhaps something for your “Chef”

Wooden Chopping Board 300mm x 300mm


Personalised with 100mm x 50mm of engraved text

$60 GST Inc.

Great little stocking filler for your crafter!

Assorted Wood and Acrylic Shapes

Ideal for decoupage, scrapbooking or decorations

$4.50 per bag, 2 for $8, 3 for $11

Great project for the holidays!

Kids Craft Kits

Paint and paste onto canvas or backing board – 6 to collect – Helicopter, Tug Boat, Fire Truck, Back Hoe, Tractor, Steam Locomotive

$10 each, 3 for $25, 5 for $40

Meeting Katrina Webb

posted 17 Nov 2014, 21:42 by Janice Evan   [ updated 10 May 2015, 21:23 by Artwork TEC ]

As CaneJane and The Engraving Crew, Tommy and I got the opportunity meet and hear the wonderfully inspirational Katrina Webb, 7 times Paralympic medal winner and internationally acclaimed business woman.   


Looking at her medals and seeing them without engraving, we immediately offered our expert services to remedy this and working closely with Katrina, we designed and engraved layouts for the first 3 (of her 7) Olympic medals to fully compliment them.


It is such a pleasure to meet such a genuine and accomplished South Australian who continues to inspire everyone she is in contact with.  When Katrina returns from Nepal we will be completing the engraving of the set.


Here, Katrina happily lets us photograph her with the newly engraved gold, silver and bronze medals

First 3 medals done and looking fantastic!

Athens 2004 - Gold

Sydney 2000 - Silver

Sydney 2000 - Bronze

Finished Renovations (mostly)

posted 11 Sep 2014, 00:51 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 May 2015, 21:25 by Artwork TEC ]

As we updated you we have finished the renovations (mostly).
We still have a few things to still hang up and fabricate but it is 99% completed.

I will post some before and after images

Here is the office before

Here is what the new office looks like

Vehicle mods and restorations

posted 4 Sep 2014, 21:12 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 May 2015, 21:26 by Artwork TEC ]

We have a lot of people come through asking us to do all sorts of interesting things engraved. The people we love coming through are those who are passionate about what they do and there are none more so than people restoring or modding their cars, motorbikes, bikes and other assorted vehicles.

We have engraved and etched onto rocker covers, intake filter covers, instrument panels, bike frames, disc brakes, clutch plates just to name a few things. Not everything we can take photos of but here are a few examples of ours that we have pieced together.

This is one of my personal favourites, we got to engrave the bonnet air vent from the original Mad Max Interceptor for Bob Fursenko

A recent job completed, a button panel for a Shelby mustang GT 500 "Eleanor" (we will be hopefully doing a lot more work on this restoration)

Another button panel, this time for the interior of a Delorean DMC - 12. We like the little 
"Raptor" button down the bottom.

This was a brake disc for a motorcycle for someone who just wanted to add the perfect finishing touches to their ride.


Another recent job, this 20 year old FXDWG 90th Anniversary Harley Davidson's switch plate had
seen better days. These plates are not made any more so we made one ourselves with a high military grade material, which is sure to last.


Under Renovations

posted 14 Aug 2014, 21:10 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 May 2015, 21:27 by Artwork TEC ]

We have been busy little bees recently and we have decided out show room need a bit of a face life. So over the next few weeks our front of house will be in a bit of chaos as we move, paint and sort out our new showroom.

Thank you to Othene Cole from Rearranging Spaces for designing and helping out with our new showroom

Here is some photos of our progress so far.

The "Under Renovations" sign on our front door

The space as been emptied out and the carpet was ripped up.

The floor has been sanded and painted and some of the furniture painted.

The new comfy couch in our CaneJane showroom area.

Creating the perfect memory.

posted 4 Aug 2014, 22:56 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 May 2015, 21:27 by Artwork TEC ]

Here at CaneJane we understand the need to celebrate the life of those we love, whether it be a birthday party, a birth, or at the saddest of times, when someone has passed on. We understand your need for highly personalised and expressive memorials for your loved ones but sometimes that is not always the easiest of tasks.  We understand that perfect photos are not always available so our graphics department are here to utilise their skills to help people as best we can. Recently we had an old photo come in to be turned into a porcelain memorial that needed a decent amount of TLC. As you can see for yourself, the results from the digital restoration and retouching are quiet something and it made us proud to be able to produce this loving memory for someone.

before photo
Before the digital restoration

the completed memorial

Here is a link to a story about a brass memorial we engraved.

The Art of Machine Engraving Part 2

posted 22 Jul 2014, 22:21 by Unknown user   [ updated 10 May 2015, 21:29 by Artwork TEC ]

So to have a look at what the final result was.

This was an engraving commissioned to us to create a memorial for someone who sadly lost their dog Luke. It will be placed onto a tree that is planted on the spot that Luke is sitting in the photo as a puppy. We worked with the client to make sure we could hold as much of the important detail as we could in the conversion from photo to engraving. We are proud of our work and think it is a touching and special memorial for a loved one.

YAG inside ring engraving

posted 14 Jul 2014, 17:11 by Unknown user   [ updated 4 Aug 2014, 21:44 ]

Here is the 2nd of our YAG ring engraving videos, this one is showing you a whole poem engraved on the inside of a ring.

link to first video
YAG Rotary Ring Engraving

YAG inside ring engraving

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